Haisheng violin studio

Haisheng violin studio

Haisheng new flagship piano violin studio production operations, but also responsible for the repair and maintenance of old violin, violin sold lifelong free maintenance and debugging. Haisheng violin various models complete product specifications, including violin, viola, cello, double bass and violin for children of various sizes. Piano body shape and structure of the world violin master copy strict Stradivari and Guarneri in the heyday of the piano type. The production cycle of each violin are four to eight months, in accordance with Cremona violin Haisheng traditional production methods independently produced, try to turn every violin excellent quality and intrinsic potential fully tapped, with classical Cremona art to illustrate every detail of each piece. Elaborate, perfect assembly, commissioning subtle, trying to make the perfect violin.


Headstock is a pillar of ancient Greek buildings stigma evolved. The Ionic Vortex stigma, resembles a spiral vortex of water or shellfish housing, are the natural product of the work of God day ax. Ancient violin teacher creative spin first shape varied greatly, even if there are differences in the same master post-production of his life before the first spin. Fabrication and installation of the headstock properly, it will affect the merits of the violin sound quality and length of life, and also the relationship between the player and change the Anxian. Headstock extremely fine craftsmanship, and the first spin is part of the higher requirements of arts and crafts.


Mold is a classic Italian Cremona school production methods that, by the founder of the first school of Amati master creation. The mold is characterized by a side frame around the mold is made, the first of six pieces of wood glued on the inner side corner molding, shaping and then glue repair cut side and side, so you can control it when making the piano corner the shape and size. Since the mold is made of a violin with a thick wood, the position in the middle of the frame plate, when the drying shrinkage of the side plates of the plate slightly convex central arcuate beautiful curved body is formed with a violin at the other seamless, extremely aesthetically requirements.

Sound hole

Affect the quality of the sound hole of acoustic violin and artistic style, the piano is almost as important as the thickness and curvature. Body inside the sound hole gap not only to determine the location of the bridge, in fact, did not stick to the bass bar before the half and the bottom half of the panel, divided into two equal size and quality of the area. These two regions as backplane thickness of the upper and lower halves zoning can be said to be the lungs of the violin, and the violin sound hole is the larynx and throat. Central panel is vibrating piano yards passing place, the role of the central panel of the sound hole is to make easier the vibration and make the air chamber inside the piano free access to aid pronunciation.

Qin code

The bridge is an important accessory violin, which consists of the top, shoulders, back, left and right composition. Horse upright piano in the middle between the two holes panel, feet behind the edge of the sound hole gap in a straight line, the middle panel of the bridge and middle joints of positive pressure in the center of the left foot should bass beam. First, the vibration of the strings is transmitted from the bridge to a violin panels, panel from the back-up not only the Chinese and vibration transmission to the ends, and that the back and sides by the fret with the vibration, so that the entire body cavity together with the piano cabinet air resonate together, issued a loud ear Wyatt beautiful piano.